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Welcome to Benben Cykler

Doing it our way

Handcrafted bicycle frames

For us the frame is the starting point and the heart of the bicycle. The expertise, theory, experience and genuine craftsmanship that is going into making a frame is crucial. It's well worth the time and the investment


Behind Benben are three passionate cyclists, Ben, Ari and Andreas. Together they have an accumulated experience of more than 40 years in the bicycle business. Each one has a different background but made a dedicated choice to build the finest bicycles. Ben is educated as a toolmaker, but has spend most of his working life in the bicycle industry. He is the founder of Benben Cykler, which has gained a legendary status in Copenhagen. Ari, the brother of Ben, was a dancer and choreographer until he made a career change in 2006, where he started to build custom bicycle frames. Andreas is the latest addition to the team. He is educated in the filmindustry, but decided to devote his passion to the art of painting bicycles.